NHL Team List

The following chart shows how many people have voted so far for each team. If yours is behind, make sure to tell other fans about this site, from as wide a geographic area as possible!

(Note: this list displays #1 choices only made in voting, not #2 or #3.)

List by popularity

  Anaheim Mighty Ducks 504
  Atlanta Thrashers 613
  Boston Bruins 2265
  Buffalo Sabres 917
  Calgary Flames 168
  Carolina Hurricanes 1000
  Chicago Blackhawks 2261
  Colorado Avalanche 1470
  Columbus Blue Jackets 851
  Dallas Stars 2047
  Detroit Red Wings 2794
  Edmonton Oilers 132
  Florida Panthers 416
  Los Angeles Kings 556
  Minnesota Wild 1189
  Montreal Canadiens 282
  Nashville Predators 525
  New Jersey Devils 1058
  New York Islanders 438
  New York Rangers 1397
  Ottawa Senators 122
  Philadelphia Flyers 1707
  Phoenix Coyotes 288
  Pittsburgh Penguins 1958
  San Jose Sharks 1193
  St. Louis Blues 1448
  Tampa Bay Lightning 476
  Toronto Maple Leafs 280
  Vancouver Canucks 524
  Washington Capitals 1697



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