MLB Team List

The following chart shows how many people have voted so far for each team. If yours is behind, make sure to tell other fans about this site, from as wide a geographic area as possible!

(Note: this list displays #1 choices only made in voting, not #2 or #3.)

List by popularity

  Arizona Diamondbacks 363
  Atlanta Braves 3109
  Baltimore Orioles 1187
  Boston Red Sox 4254
  Chicago Cubs 3302
  Chicago White Sox 1150
  Cincinnati Reds 1385
  Cleveland Indians 1290
  Colorado Rockies 673
  Detroit Tigers 1765
  Florida Marlins 561
  Houston Astros 1772
  Kansas City Royals 849
  Los Angeles Angels 551
  Los Angeles Dodgers 957
  Milwaukee Brewers 930
  Minnesota Twins 1350
  New York Mets 1333
  New York Yankees 3286
  Oakland Athletics 803
  Philadelphia Phillies 1537
  Pittsburgh Pirates 1197
  San Diego Padres 395
  San Francisco Giants 1121
  Seattle Mariners 1404
  St. Louis Cardinals 2564
  Tampa Bay Devil Rays 317
  Texas Rangers 1627
  Toronto Blue Jays 247
  Washington Nationals 1257



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