Map of MLB Team Fan Areas

Important: this map is highly inaccurate and should be understood only as a demonstration, and not as any kind of reliable data yet. It is based on only a few thousands of votes spread across all teams, across the country. Areas with virtually no data are shown in gray, and many boundaries are still expected to change their shape drastically. A map with more accurate boundaries will gradually emerge as the number of votes reaches the upper tens of thousands.

Within the colored area associated with each team, more fans support that team than any other. Little dots of color represent individual votes, large masses represent agglomerations of the predominant local vote (minority votes get 'sucked up' and disappear). State boundaries are overlaid in white.

Click on the map to zoom in and see more details with a "magnifying glass" (newer browsers only).

Note: gray areas represent areas without any votes. If you know fans in those areas, please ask them to vote!

See the clickable statistics map

This map last updated on Oct 4, 2010 .

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How was this map calculated? Why are some teams missing?

See the FAQ for the exact algorithm. Some popular teams may not show up on the map if they aren't predominant in any geographic area. Also, some teams may be underrepresented simply because not enough fans have voted on the site (check the current league voting statistics or the clickable statistics map).


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