Where do the fans for your sports team live?

How far do they extend?

Are there any surprises?

The CommonCensus Sports Map Project needs you to help us answer these questions! It is producing maps that show exactly where the fans for each team are located, based on the geographic votes of Internet users.

updated Oct 4, 2010

updated Oct 4, 2010

updated Oct 4, 2010

updated Oct 5, 2010

updated Oct 5, 2010
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Contributing fans so far
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How often are the maps updated?
Approximately once a month. (Unless a surge of votes deserves a more frequent update.)

How can I vote?

Visit our sister project, The CommonCensus Map Project, and fill in your address at the bottom of the page. You will be asked to name a series of places you and people where you live most identify with. At the end, you will have the option of voting for your favorite sports team from each category on the left.
The maps need more data... Your teams need your votes!

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