New Maps Show Where to Find Sports Fans

NEW YORK, N.Y. - December 15 - A new website, The CommonCensus Sports Project, has started a survey to
find out where sports fans for major sports teams are located. With over 15,000 votes each already for NFL and MLB teams, and over 10,000 votes for NBA, NHL and Division I-A NCAA football, a series of maps has been produced with revealing results.

Already, a firm line shows the exact boundary between LA Angels and LA Dodgers fan areas, and one can see exactly how Washington Redskins fans predominate not just through Virginia but all the way down the coast of North Carolina. While Dallas Cowboys fans cover a larger geographic area than any other NFL team and eclipse the Houston Texans, in baseball the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros are almost perfectly matched. And while the number of votes is still too small to know for sure, current numbers suggest that Yankees fans may be overwhelmed by their Red Sox brethren in some parts of Upstate New York.

To participate, visitors enter their street address and select the teams they support. No registration or name is required. Then, when it comes time to calculate the maps, a computer program goes through each pixel in a map of the US and colors it according to the most common team voted for, from the fifty nearest participants. Colored areas are labelled and areas without sufficient votes are left blank. A separate map is produced for each league, and new maps
are calculated every few days to reflect new votes. A clickable statistics map also produces exact fan breakdowns for specific areas.

The site debuted on September 21, and is part of the larger CommonCensus Map Project (, which seeks to draw a more representative map of the US. It uses a survey to discover the geographic boundaries people themselves feel at national and local levels, as opposed to the traditional state and county boundaries long set by politicians. Since its inception, it has attracted more than 30,000 participants and has been featured on the front pages of and the Wall Street Journal Online.

The project was created by Michael Baldwin, a 25-year-old political science major from Yale University who currently teaches English in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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