The CommonCensus Map Project is redrawing the map of the United States based on your input, to reveal the boundaries people themselves feel, as opposed to the state and county boundaries drawn by politicians. View the maps to see how the country is divided into 'spheres of influence' between different cities at the national, regional, and local levels:

Map showing the "spheres of influence" of national cities, based on your votes. Click to view full-size. National map last updated Oct 4, 2010.

This information will finally settle the question over exactly where cultural boundaries lie, contribute to the national debate over Congressional redistricting and gerrymandering, and educate people everywhere as to the true layout of the American people that they've never seen on any map before.

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72662 people have contributed since Sept. 2005

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35.0 % of cities have 1 or more contributors
5.0 % of cities have 10 or more contributors
0.3 % of cities have 100 or more contributors

Let's reach 100% for all of them!

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Sports fans! You will have the opportunity at the end of the process to automatically contribute to our sister project, the CommonCensus Sports Map Project.


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